Top Mistakes Visitors Make in London

15th Jul 2013

First time in London? Make sure you avoid the top mistakes visitors make in the capital

London, the capital of England, the home of the Queen, the most populous region in the UK….it’s many things! If you’re planning on visiting the area any time soon you might want to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb by avoiding these mistakes that first-time visitors to London often make:

Missing out the free attractions

You might have the belief that if something’s free it might not be that good, but this couldn’t be further from the truth – especially when it comes to London. London has so many amazing attractions which are completely free such as the National Gallery, the Museum of London, Tate Modern and the British Museum (which is one of the most famous in the world) just to name a few. If it’s a nice day (rare for England, but you could get lucky), take a stroll along the  side of the Thames and take in the sights such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye or chill out in Hyde Park.

Taking a taxi

When you think of London one of the first things that might come to mind is the black taxis. One of your goals might even be to have a ride in one, but prepare to pay through the nose for it! Remember that the meter will already be set at a couple of pounds so even short journeys might cost a bit. Many visitors take taxis because they’re intimidated by the Underground, but it’s actually a lot simpler than it looks. Just try it out and after a few journeys  you’ll be a pro! If you’re opting for a taxi so you can see the sights of London then consider taking a bus and you’ll save a few quid.

Not observing proper Underground etiquette

This one might not seem as big a deal as the rest, but it’s something that can easily be avoided. In all their excitement tourists might stand all over escalator, chatting and taking pictures, but this is annoying for Londoners (or anyone in a rush for their tube). If you’re going to be stationary on the escalator then stand to the right and let others walk/run on the left otherwise you’ll find yourself constantly having to move out of the way or face the dreaded tutting sound!

Presuming the deckchairs in Hyde Park are free

After a hard day of sightseeing you plonk yourself down for a well-deserved rest in one of the park’s deckchairs only to be approached by a ‘ticket man’ who requests £1.50 for up to an hour’s usage of the chair (or £7.00 for the whole day even though it might rain in 5 minutes’ time). You could pay up, just sit on the grass or vacate the chair and sneakily sit back it in when the guy’s gone.

Passing up on free breakfast at the hotel

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if you want to keep your energy levels up for a day of sightseeing then it’s best to eat it! You might want to skip it so you can get a head start on your day, but you’ll only get hungry soon and might end up spending a silly amount of money on the same food elsewhere. If breakfast’s included in the price, make the most of it!


Author bio:

This has been a guest post by Rachel; foodie, traveller and blogger. When she’s not eating or seeing the world, she’s blogging for hungryhouse – one of the UK’s best online food platforms so why not order your London food there?

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The National Gallery:    ell brown
London underground:    Spicygreenginger

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